After a sale is complete, Keystone's customer service continues to offer complete service to help take care of any issues that arise. Dedicated staff members in two of our call centers are there to help with return of product, delivery questions, and other issues you may encounter. Should they occur, we are committed to resolving problems in a fast, friendly and fair manner believing that it is the service you get that sets us apart from the competitors. 

 Customer Care e-Mail
 eKeystone Technical Support  phone: 1-866-353-9786
 New Customer Information  phone: 1-800-432-8063
 Corona, CA  1-800-521-9999
 Dallas, TX  1-800-521-9999
 Exeter, PA  1-800-521-9999
 Greensboro, NC  1-800-446-9895
 Kansas City, KS  1-800-521-9999
 Mississauga, ON, Canada  1-800-257-7190
 Español  1-800-521-9910