Delivery and distribution like no other


Our distribution network consists of 7 warehouses and 38 stand-alone cross-docks, making it second to none in the industry. The vast majority of Keystone's products are distributed via our private fleet of trucks. The remainder is divided between drop ship, third-party, and export carriers. These delivery locations utilize over 500 company-owned trucks/trailers to provide next-day or two-day delivery to customers in 48 US states and 9 provinces in Canada. No other distributor in the specialty automotive aftermarket industry offers the logistics service that Keystone can provides.

Professional Drivers and Expertise... Keystone doesn't just deliver products to retailers' doors; our team of drivers delivers industry knowledge and expertise along with the products. Our professional and uniformed drivers perform 82,000 runs and log 30 million plus miles annually, making over 1.54 million customer stops to see those orders delivered on time.

  • We see to the delivery needs of over 20,000 customers in North America on a daily basis
  • We employ over 800 team members dedicated to delivery functions
  • We place the highest emphasis on safety and we are working to improve accident rates and safety records in every area of delivery

The role of logistics does not end with the delivery of quality aftermarket parts. We employ analytics and creativity to determine the most service oriented and cost effective methods for delivering our product, while investing in sufficient resources to keep-up with a changing market. We are constantly re-visiting and updating our distribution strategies to meet the industry's evolving environment.


Keystone Logistics
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