Values & Culture

Our success is grounded on the respect we have for our customers, suppliers , and associates


Our beginnings as a family-owned business continue to influence our values and behaviors today. We recognize that our success is grounded on the respect we have for our customers, suppliers , and associates, and the duty we share to serve each with the utmost professionalism.

Reinforcing this understanding is Keystone's Code of Conduct, which outlines the behavioral expectations of Keystone associates. Moreover, our company values serve as a reminder everyday to honor our past while building our future.

Keystone Values:


  • Commitment

    • Our pledge to do the good and right things for Keystone, our customers and associates
    • Show a sense of ownership in contributing to Keystone’s success
    • Recognize the "heart" of the Keystone community and live up to it
    • Understand that our strength comes from our commitment to be a community working together towards one goal
  • Customer Service

    • Recognize the importance of the customer, whoever it might be
    • Respond quickly and efficiently to problems and issues
    • Appropriately address customer issues and concerns as we do our work
    • Consistently seek to exceed the expectations of our customers
    • Recognize both external AND internal customers
Customer Service
  • Execution

    • Make things happen
    • Follow through to completion
    • Use relevant information and perspectives to make decisions and set goals
    • Do not let potential failures limit our actions and behavior once a path has been chosen
    • Maintain a balanced perspective and support it to other associates who are in doubt
  • Integrity

    • Model the values
    • Admit mistakes
    • Do not misrepresent the truth even when the message is difficult
    • Have the courage to be honest with ourselves and others
    • Speak candidly, thoughtfully considering the message and audience
    • Keep others informed and involved
  • Leadership

    • Show courage in saying and doing the difficult things that need to be said and done
    • Be honest with ourselves and others regarding their capability
    • Recognize and reflect our industry leadership role in the things we say and do
    • Hold the trust and future of Keystone as a personal responsibility
  • Teamwork

    • Work effectively with others
    • Accept different perspectives
    • Trust associates to carry their weight or ask for assistance
    • Challenge others to work together
    • Make sure that everyone that should "know" or be involved, are
  • Fun

    • Bring a positive attitude to the work day
    • Don’t allow the pressure of work to overwhelm them
    • Make a point of celebrating successes
    • Bring a sense of humor to the day
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