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Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. - Merchandise Return Policy

Keystone Automotive Operations-NTP/STAG Merchandise Return Policy

Effective January 1, 2022

  • New, return to stock, returns can be submitted through eKeystone, viantp or SeawideB2b.
    • Return to stock = New (not used or installed) and in the original box and re-saleable condition.
  • All returns other than return to stock must be called in or emailed to customer service for return authorization. Only items authorized and approved for return will be picked up by your driver with your next delivery. Items not authorized for return will be refused without credit issued. Warranty items will be authorized and handled as per the manufacturer’s policy. This includes all policies where the manufacturer requires dealing direct with their team as opposed to the original source of purchase.  


  • Only items currently stocked and purchased from Keystone within the prior 12 months will be considered for return. A Return-to-Stock rate (RTS) will be calculated for each customer on a 12-month rolling basis. Most electronic products are covered by a 90-day return policy. Returns will not be allowed on custom made products, mounted wheels or painted products. Keystone’s Warehouse Returns Department has final approval on all returns. If returned in poor condition, item(s) will be marked as unacceptable and no credit will be given. The item will also be returned to you.


Return Handling Charges

If Your Return Rate (RTS) is: The Charge Will Be:
Less than 8% No handling charge
8 – 9.99% 10% handling charge
10 – 14.99% 15% handling charge
 15% or greater 25% handling charge


  • All orders placed as special orders, except for custom made/made to fit items, will be allowed to be returned under the normal return to stock timeframe of 12 months from original invoice date. However, there will be a 20% stocking fee placed on the returned part(s). This stocking fee is in addition to any other handling fees that will be assessed based on current RTS rate.
  • Please inspect all merchandise for damage or missing parts and make sure all parts invoiced are received before you sign for the merchandise. Keystone-NTP/STAG reserves the right to deny credit on all shortages that are called in after delivery has been made and you have signed for the product without notation of a shortage. Additionally, all parts must be trial-fitted before installation. Items damaged due to improper installation or customer mishandling will not be credited upon return.
  • All returns due to Keystone-NTP/STAG errors must be called in within 30 days. Damaged claims must be called in within 15 days from date of invoice. If not reported within 15 days from date of invoice, cannot be returned as received damaged. If returning due to sales error, errors will be verified by listening to recorded calls.
  • Restricted Returns – Certain SKUS may incur fees due to restrictions determined by size, generic name, or part type.   Amount of fee charged depends on reason for restriction.
  • Any returns to satisfy a past due balance will be credited at invoice price less a 25% to 35% handling charge depending on the SKU. All returned product must be currently stocked by KAO and in new/re-saleable condition.
  • Defective items will be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty policy and must have a complete description of the defect. Certain manufacturers require that you deal directly with them regarding defective items. Returned items that are claimed to be damaged, which are proven to be sound, will either be returned or reclassified as a return to stock and included in your current return rate. As per manufacturer’s warranty policy, some products such as electronics, may be repaired and returned to you.
  • UPS/Purolator Return Policy & Procedure: To receive proper credit, all UPS/Purolator returns must be accompanied by a Keystone issued bar coded return label. After you request your return from Keystone-NTP/STAG, the label will be mailed or e-mailed to you. All return to stock packages must be shipped to Keystone-NTP/STAG with all shipping costs prepaid. Credit will be issued after the returned goods are inspected and it is determined that the product is in its original packaging and in new/resalable condition. Any merchandise that does not meet these criteria will be subject to refusal and credit will not be issued. Customers will be billed for missing parts and/or repackaging.
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