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Keystone Automotive Operations is proud to now offer the widest range of brands and exciting new products for the Overlanding market.


What is Overlanding? Overlanding is a vehicle-based, on-road and off-road, adventure travel with a deep focus on self-sufficient, flexibility, and gratification of the journey. At the heart of overlanding is a passion for mother nature, appreciation of the camping culture, and the experience of constantly discovering new places.

Why Overlanding? It’s the hot topic on the off-road scene. From the array of tents, awnings and accessories on seemingly every truck and Jeep at the SEMA show, to the influx of new products geared toward overlanding enthusiasts, we know that it’s here, and here to stay. We provide our jobbers with the best tools possible so we’ve put together some great overlanding ideas for their customers looking to head out on their own adventures.



  • Tents / Awnings & Sleeping
  • Racks & Cargo Management
  • Camping Essentials
  • Cooking & Campfire
  • Vehicle Upgrades & Accessories
  • Vehicle Recovery


Your overland vehicle needs to be a mix of capability, reliability, and usability. What are you waiting for? Build the ultimate adventure vehicle here and give yourself a great starting point for your Overland adventure!

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