A complete array of promotional options


Beyond Products... Keystone provides customers and suppliers with a complete array of marketing media options, including print, and digital media. Our experienced Marketing group focuses its efforts on ensuring customers and suppliers have the materials necessary to create effective programs to support their promotions and grow their businesses.

Programs and Promotions... Our marketing programs and promotions provide seasonal business opportunities for both our customers and suppliers. Keystone's marketing programs are specially designed  targeting wholesale and retail "traffic-building" opportunities. The Marketing group tailors promotions and marketing strategies to benefit our entire customer and supplier base, regardless of size and budget.

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Breadth of Offerings and Experience... The goal of the Keystone Merchandising group is to identify market trends and growth opportunities for our suppliers and customers. Keystone is positioned to introduce the newest and hottest products to the market in a quick and effective manner. We do this by purchasing, merchandising, selling, and distributing automotive parts and accessories by product category and regional geography.

Market Access and Merchandising Support... A relationship with Keystone guarantees a certain level of market access and merchandising support. We assist you with access to trade shows, market trend intelligence, and catalog and advertising collateral. Our relationships have supported strong sales penetration and growth opportunities for suppliers, Keystone, and our customers.

Industry Organization Affiliations... Keystone has relationships with SEMA, PRI and PWA. Keystone leverages these relationships with several media outlets to provide customers and associates with the latest information about hot new products and market trends. This exchange is critical to the successful execution of a sales program or marketing promotion. In a very fragmented industry, information about buying trends, market developments, new technologies, etc. is hard to come by. Keystone's industry position provides a unique window into the industry. Recognizing the power of this information and industry "perspective", Keystone shares this information as a means of helping the market and industry continue to grow and expand.


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